PY Gerbeau

PY Gerbeau is a serial entrepreneur and popular television pundit, giving his views about the business climate and how companies can best achieve success.

During his career, he has completed nine successful business turnarounds. As Vice-President of Park Operations and Attractions at Euro Disney, PY was credited with turning it into Europe¹s biggest visitor attraction, after its difficult start in the 1990s. Michael Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company at the time, recommended PY to Tony Blair and he was subsequently appointed Chief Executive of the Millennium Dome in London in February 2000. With struggling visitor numbers, negative publicity and major financial problems, PY turned it around, resulting in visitor numbers of over 6 million, successfully reviving the company¹s fortunes.

In June 2019, PY embarked on a new venture, as CEO of London Resort Company Holdings, a proposed multi-billion entertainment park in Kent, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, the BBC and ITV.

Previously, PY was Chief Executive of X-Leisure, the owner of venues including the Xscape indoor ski slopes and Brighton Marina, overseeing the sale of X-Leisure to Land Securities.

PY serves as the Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Rescue at London Business School and Imperial College. He regularly talks about how management decisions need to be firm and consistent, how values must be understood and upheld, how every tier of management must be agile, accountable and better at managing risk and how to lead people by example.

He has been voted Personality of the Year by his leisure industry peers and holds an MBA from one of France's leading business schools. Before embarking on his highly successful business career, PY was the Captain of the French Olympic Ice Hockey Team. In his spare time, he loves to play golf.


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