Roberta Lucca

By her own admission, Roberta is an unconventional serial entrepreneur and an obsessive learner. She is the co-founder and CEO of the BAFTA-winning Bossa Studios, a scaleup games company based in London, and of BOLDR, part game, part AI virtual coach.

Bossa Studios has grown to a multi-million dollar computer games business since its inception in 2010. With a team of 90 people, Bossa is amongst the top 1% performing UK start-ups in terms of annual sales.

Their portfolio of original games are played by millions of people worldwide - on PC, mobile, iPad, PlayStation, XBox and VR.

May 2018 saw the launch of its latest pioneering game, the community-crafted MMO Worlds Adrift. Since then, the story behind the ambitious game and the studio’s unique mode of operation have been featured on Reuters, Forbes, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Techcrunch, Bloomberg, Kotaku, and dozens of gaming press.

Roberta is a computer scientist, holds an MBA and has worked in product innovation within large companies including Globo TV, the world’s second largest commercial broadcaster, and Vertu/Nokia.

Roberta is a Tech London advocate, helping foster start-ups and advising young entrepreneurs on how to shape the future with technology. She recently started a YouTube channel called Beta Lucca to widen her support to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her drive to spearhead original products, concepts and consumer engagement campaigns is both contagious and inspiring, seeing her voted into the Top 35 Women under 35 by Management Today and one of the Top 30 Women in Games.

Roberta’s latest venture, BOLDR, brings to mobile platform a virtual career/personal coach that is part Artificial Intelligence, part game. In presentations she shows how BOLDR uses evidence based neuroscience and coaching techniques to make the coach-bot engaging, credible and effective.

In addition to AI, games, the future of marketing and consumer engagement, Roberta talks about her experience as a founder and leader who has both succeeded and failed; and how to engage and inspire a millennial workforce.