Vincent Connare

Vincent is best known for his creation of the Comic Sans typeface. As a designer at the Microsoft Campus in the US he was at the forefront of delivery of their font designs and describes the creation of the world’s most loved and loathed font as a classic example of delivering to a brief.

As well as Comic Sans, Vincent is the creator of Trebuchet, Wingdings and the now iconic Ministry of Sound logo.

Vincent speaks at conferences around the world on the importance of design to convey a message and how Comic Sans has changed the world! He recently addressed a packed auditorium at the V&A Museum’s What the Font? event and has featured in numerous articles in publications from the Wall Street Journal to Esquire and Design Week.

As an original member of Dalton Maag Ltd, the London based design agency, Vincent continues to design and engineer font. He is also an accomplished photographer and photo technician. He was trained in painting and photography at the New York Institute of Technology and holds a Masters in Type Design from the University of Reading.

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