Peter Conradi 198pxPeter Conradi
Journalist, The Sunday Times

Vincent Connare Vincent Connare
Type Designer

Andrew Davis
Social Media Expert

Helen_FosperooHelen Fospero
TV Journalist

PY Gerbeau 2019 198pxPY Gerbeau
Business Leader & Turnaround Specialist

Bill Grimsey 198pxBill Grimsey

Roger Harrabin 198pxRoger Harrabin
Energy & Environment Analyst

Gabrielle_Hase_198pxGabrielle Hase
Digital Commerce Strategy Consultant

Paul_Johnson_198pxPaul Johnson
Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Ian King smallIan King
Sky News Business Presenter

Amar LatifAmar Latif
Blind Traveller, Entrepreneur & TV Presenter

Ben LyttletonBen Lyttleton
Football Journalist & Author

Pippa CrerarPippa Crerar
Political Editor, The Guardian

Alex Macqueen 198pxAlex Macqueen

Neil Morrison
HR Director, Severn Trent plc

Tim Shipman 198Tim Shipman
Sunday Times Chief Political Commentator

Nick Watt 2020 198pxNick Watt
Political Editor

Trevor Williams 198pxTrevor Williams
Author, Academic & Consultant

Sarah Wood 198pxSarah Wood
Co-founder and CEO of Unruly

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