Kate Ancketill 198pxKate Ancketill
Innovation Specialist

Peter Conradi 198pxPeter Conradi
Journalist, The Sunday Times

Vincent Connare Vincent Connare
Type Designer

Andrew Davis
Social Media Expert

Jon_Craig_198pxJon Craig
Chief Political Correspondent

PY Gerbeau 2019 198pxPY Gerbeau
Business Leader & Turnaround Specialist

Helen_FosperooHelen Fospero
TV Journalist

Bill Grimsey 198pxBill Grimsey

Gabrielle_Hase_198pxGabrielle Hase
Digital commerce strategy consultant

Alex Hunter 198pxAlex Hunter
Brand & Customer Experience Expert

Paul_Johnson_198pxPaul Johnson
Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Ian King smallIan King
Sky News Business Presenter

Amar LatifAmar Latif
Blind traveller, entrepreneur & TV presenter

Alex Macqueen 198pxAlex Macqueen

Neil Morrison
HR Director, Severn Trent plc

Tim Shipman 198Tim Shipman
Sunday Times Political Editor

Kitty Ussher 198pxKitty Ussher

Sarah Wood 198pxSarah Wood
Co-founder and CEO of Unruly

Nick Watt 2020 198pxNick Watt
Political Editor